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Darr @The Mall Plot

An unlikely place to be haunted, Amity Mall is a place that has gained a bad reputation for nine deaths and reported hauntings. Newly recruited security chief Vishnu Sharma (Jimmy Shergill) is oblivious to all this, until he gets a taste of the bone chilling reality when his deputy is mysteriously killed.

On the other hand, Javed Khan (Asif Basra) and the other persons in management (Arif Zakaria and Nivedita Bhattacharya) are in denial about any possible paranormal angle to the gruesome deaths. Soon after the owners host a big bash to dispel the rumors and feign away all bad raps the mall has got, the management members and Vishnu are trapped in the mall.

Now, its terror gets unleashed when the paranormal entities ruthlessly assault the group of six in every possible way and method. However, little they know why the entities are going around killing everyone, when reason is not such a big secret at all.


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