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Dasvidaniya Plot

This is a story of a man Vinay Pathak as "Amar Kaul ". The movie "Dasvidaniya" is bittersweet situational comedy,. whose existence is easily forgotten among the millions of people in the pool of Mumbai's ever-increasing population. Shy and quiet Amar lived a mundane run of the mill life. Amar existence was non-existent to people around him. Amar innocence and his obsession for making his daily TO-DO LIST every morning is what motivates him to look forward to the next day. Then one day a doctor told him that, he will die within 3 months. And then begins a journey of a lifetime for Amar, where he sets out to write his FINAL LIST. The List of 10 things to do before he dies, the List that would make his life worthy, before it actually ends.


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