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David Plot

This is the story of 3 different Davids who are living in 3 different places and at three different points of time.

The story of the first David highlights the year of 1975 in London where the 30 year old David works for a Mafia Don who is in power and controls the entire Asia. Eventually David takes up his charge till many things reveal before him which will be going to change his life forever. In the story of the second David, in the year 1999 in Mumbai, David is shown as a 19 year old musician born into a family of the orthodox Christians. Happy go lucky David loses his peaceful life when his family gets towed into a political issue.

The third David's story progresses in the year 2010 in Goa. 40 year old David is shown as a fisherman who lives in a small village. He falls in love with the deaf and mute girl Roma who is already engaged and getting married in 10 days with his own best friend Peter.

All of them decide to take a step which will change their lives forever.


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