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De Dana Dan Plot

A story about two friends and their rich girlfriends, who want to them desperately but their fathers desperately, want to marry their daughters somewhere else, the story contains many interesting characters, a bankrupt businessperson who has many debts to pay and for this he is getting his useless son engaged to every rich girl in the town. Various other characters like a Chinese don, a hired murderer, an ACB officer, a club dancer, a rich bitch, an ambassador, a letch, a drunken waiter, a young frustrated wife, a dead body nobody wants and yes then most pampered dog on the planet - Mulchand -'ji', makes the story makes the story sound interesting with their antiques in the film like throw in a kidnapping, mistaken room no., mistaken identities, a murder that is to happen, a wedding…blah blah blah! And lot more. Enjoy this comedy cum violent disorder with multiples stars, multiple madness, multiple laugh and many more multiples only in De Dana Dan.


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