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Dedh Ishqiya Plot

The tale unwinds with a rowdy dude Babban (Arshad Warsi), who is a thief and his aged but gutsy partner in crime, Khalujan (Naseeruddin Shah). Both of them steal a pricey necklace and Babban suddenly finds Khalujan vanishing along with the necklace. Babban has to confront a problem and Police keep on chasing him. One day, Babban comes to know the location where Khalujan can be found. This time, Khalujan steps in the shoes of a fake Nawab of Chandpur Iftekhar Hussain, so that he can get married to a beautiful royal widow, Begum Para Mirzada (Madhuri Dixit) from Mehmudabad. A competition is held from which Begum Para will declare her to-be-husband and the future Nawab of Mehmudabad. The dream of becoming Nawab of Mehmudabad drags Iftekhar Hussain aka Khalujan to this competition. Begum Para's sharp-minded caretaker Muniya Aslam Zia-Ul-Bano (Huma Qureshi) holds a special importance in all this, as Begum Para gets to know the unknown from her. On the other hand, Babban arrives in Mehmudabad in pursuit of Khalujan and eventually, finds him. Babban initially fights with Khalujan because of escaping along with the necklace without telling him, but cools down after hearing the clever plan made by Khalujan of becoming the Nawab and be affluent. Babban starts accompanying Nawab Iftekhar Hussain as his butler, so that no one can take doubt. In the meanwhile, Nawab Iftekhar Hussain aka Khalujan and Begum Para actually fall in love with each other. Khalujan tries to tell the truth to Begum Para, but the situation does not let him tell it.

Nawab Iftekhar Hussain's rival Nawab Jaan Mohammad (Vijay Raaz) proves to be a tough contender and someone difficult to outshine. The competition ends and the day for unveiling the name of Begum Para's husband and Nawab of Mehmudabad arrives. Nawab Iftekhar Hussain has full confidence in his mind to become the Nawab of Mehmudabad and husband of Begum Para. With this confidence, he lands up at Begum Para's mansion, where many other Nawabs are present. Finally, Begum Para unleashes the name of her husband as Nawab Jaan Mohammad, which proves much shocking to Khalujan, the fake Nawab Iftekhar Hussain and this incidence wakes up a bundle of unimaginable moments further.


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