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Dekh Bhai Dekh Plot

DEKH BHAI DEKH, a complete entertainer, not comedy but humor and that too black... This is a story of a small town in western UP; four different people with their respective ambitions and their personal problems, but only one solution.... A CRIME.....the only way out... Babli a sweet, innocent but a very blunt girl, her marriage in a rich family has already turned into a nightmare and she is back home being DIVORCED... She has no option to start a new life. But a robbery involves her childhood friend Shyam into her plan; Shyam also in need of money to bribe the minister for a govt. job. At this juncture one more character joins them, Yadav a struggling politician inneed of money for his party fund to get ticket for election... All the three characters are very innocent and needy but they have no experience of robbery, so they plan to involve a professional thief in the mission and here starts the storm of humor and entertainment when the thief i.e. Charan enters into the frame. There are some extra ordinary situations in the film where there is thrill and the humor. After a long wait the audience will get such MASALA on screen making this film is a nice blend of art and commercial cinema. The audience will also get to see some extra ordinary performances by Gracy, Vijay Raaz and Raghuveer Yadav. Besides, this will be the first time that Gracy is playing a gray shaded character. While the climax is totally shocking nothing is revealed and the curiosity level as well as the suspense is left intact right till the end.


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