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Delhi Belly Plot

Tashi, Arun and Nitin – are three room mates, fiends and are also partners in crime. Tashi is going to be get married within a month but till now he does not know if his would be wife is THE ONE! Arun cannot make up his mind who he desires to murder first - his lover (who had just deserted him) or his brainless, irritating boss (whose scheme of imagination is sketching a happy banana). And Nitin is on the subject of discovering that eating tasty Tandoori Chicken off a road vendor is going to provide him the most horrible case of Delhi Belly he has ever known! 3 habitual blokes, living the regular life apart from for one minute detail - they are on the hit list of one of the world's dreadful crime organizations. Would they be successful in getting away before the shit hits the roof and it arrives rolling down? Delhi Belly is the meanest fun film you would ever see very soon. 


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