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Do Dooni Chaar Plot

According to economists, human desires are unlimited. Even you may have realized this. No matter wherever you go you always have a desire to buy something or you always plan to buy something with your next payment. You fight this battle with your own self separating your desires from your needs.

Do Dooni Chaar is the story of such an individual- Santosh Duggal, who goes through this phase almost every day like you and me. He works as a teacher in a school and as such his payment is not much. Adding to his woes his family's needs are more than his pay cheque. But yet, they live as a happy middle class family in their Delhi paradise.

Then one day, enters Duggal's younger sister - 'Phupho' from Meerut. She invites them to a wedding ceremony at her in-laws place. But, also warns them to make sure that they come buy Car. Well, the glitch here is that- the Duggals don't own a car. Now what are they going to do? The solution as per Phupho is to 'buy one'.

Phupho's pride was at stake and that's the reason they couldn't opt for not going to the wedding. At the same time, if they have to go they need to have a car. All said, done and decided they begin to make arrangements for their very first major buy. The Provident Fund of Santosh Duggal is encashed, all piggy banks are emptied, loans are taken, the secret hiding place of every individual is emptied and new hiding places are found. Once that is done, it's the dawn of a new problem – not one individual is able to decide on any one factor of the car. The choice of each family member with regards to the color, brand and model of the car was drastically different. None of them seemed to compromise with anything. This is followed by a journey filled with madness and fun.

While all the resources and stuff is arranged, there is one major problem that is left untouched. And then there is the sudden appearance of a major temptation…what are the Duggal's going to do? Will they give in..or

Do Dooni Chaar will show you the reminiscences of your own life in family of Duggal's. It will give you an opportunity to laugh at yourself. It's a movie filled with loads of fun excitement and light heartwarming moments. It portrays the life of a middle class man and his attempts to catch up with the fast pace of the growing India.


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