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Down Town Plot

Sahil (Akhil Rajendra) is the single son of multi-millionaire Rajdeep Oberoi (Vinod Khanna). He has turn out to be numb to human morals because he has so many assets around him.

This heartless approach of his son worries Rajdeep Oberoi. After an event where Sahil ignores Rajdeep's close friend who is seriously sick, Rajdeep makes a decision to teach Sahil a lesson and open his eyes so that he could understand the value of high earned money. He defies Sahil to go away from the luxury of his house and stay on the roads of Mumbai for just twenty four hours without the material luxuries and comforts he is so used and addicted to. Sahil thinks that 24 hours on the streets would be very simple therefore he accepts the challenge and goes away from his father's home.
In a little while Sahil feels that being on the roads without money and nowhere to go, even one second feels like an intolerable hour. Pushed around in the metropolis crowd, Sahil hits into Anushka (Smilie Suri). She has landed in this city of dreams (Mumbai) to participate in a TV reality Show.

Anushka is a joyful, lively girl and is friendly and has a liking for others around her. She knows how to make her way with people's assistance. She, without any delay, hits a chord with Sahil.
In due course, Anushka too lands up with nothing to perform but pass away her time until the next sunrise, waiting for her train to take her back to her home.

From here starts a day long trip of 2 strangers together, but with diverse attitudes to see life. Sometimes funny, sometimes touching but always thrilling......................

They say opposite sex be a magnet for each other, so would these two strangers fall in love for each other all through this stopover?


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