Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye Plot

"Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaye" story as Seth Harikrishan, the industrialist had as his heir, his only grandson Prem. The grandfather's only desire was to see the bride of his grandson. When he fell seriously ill, his friend and doctor Farid prevailed upon Prem to bring his girl friend Rita, whom he wanted to marry. But as luck would have it Rita had gone away to Srinagar to participate in a fashion show and she could not return as due to snowfall all roads were blocked and air service was suspended. To satisfy his dying grandfather Prem suggested his company's Public Relations Officer Jagdish to hire a model girl who could pose as Rita for some time. Instead, Jagdish brought an illiterate flower seller girl Kammo with whom Prem and his sweetheart Rita had many altercations. But when Rita came, followed by her scheming mother, Kammo knew that her days were numbered. Yet all efforts of Rita and her mother to win the grandfather's favours failed. Ultimately on the birthday of the grandfather, Rita's mother divulged the truth to doctor Farid. And at the birthday party, it was apparent that Kammo's true identity was known to everyone. Despite this, the grandfather announced his grandson's engagement to Kammo whom he had really liked. His grandson blew into a rage and threatened to leave the house along with Rita and her mother. The grandfather did not stop him. Prem rushed to Rita only to find that without his grandfather's wealth, his love and sacrifice had no meaning for her. Meanwhile, Kammo, hurt and disillusioned, decided to leave the house for good.


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