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Dus Tola Plot

Dus Tola is based on all the folk tales that you have heard from your elders and has been passed on from one generation to another. It is a story which shows/ reinstates that good deeds definitely triumph over greed. The story is set in an archaic little town 'Sonapur', which has its own share of irregularities and eccentrics.

The story is centered on Shankar who is a local goldsmith in Sultanpur who is madly in love with his neighbor Suvarnalata. The Problem is that Suvarnalata's father Daya Shastri strongly dislikes this relation which still goes on despite his annoyance. Shastri is hell bent on finding Suvarnalata a groom form Dubai who will cover her from head to toe in gold (This in turn would help him raise his status in society). With nothing else besides a true heart of pure gold Shankar sets out to fight this battle of love and win over all the obstacles set forth for him. He goes through everything right from the deviating plots to the heartaches.

The character of Shankar is played by Manoj Bajpayee. Aarti Chhabria enacts the role of the quintessential Suvarnalata while, the role of her father Daya Shastri is played by Dilip Prabahvalkar. Dus Tola is basically a story which reflects our society. At the same time, its narrative is quite light hearted.


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