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Ek Tho Chance Plot

What if you have an opportunity? What if you have an opportunity and then drop it? What can you do to get an opportunity? What if you never get an opportunity? Why do you want an opportunity?

A few people cry, a few people have a good time and a few people gives it all. A few people give up, a few people pass the time, all for the reason that Of Ek Tho Chance.

The movie puts in the picture the story of Mumbai town and the millions of people who get off the train at CST station at each minute of the day, in a hope to achieve their dreams in this MAYANAGRI which is called Mumbai.

This movie is a multicolored fresco of the lives of persons from Mumbai city's varied artistic, communal & financial stratum. Its manifold path searches the optimistic, aspirants & many times anxious lives of citizens who live in this city. These different paths jog concurrently next to the film, touching and crossing every one ever time and again, and lastly come together towards a exceptional and thrilling end.

Ek Tho Chance is intended at screening Mumbai as a magnificent collage of immature dreams, young ambitions, strong-minded gravel, pessimism and hopefulness that is so much a nature of this enormous city; and all this with the determination to gaze at each of us in the eye.


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