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Fatso Plot

Navin  and Nandini are about to get married but all of a sudden a disaster strikes which shatters down their dreams. Navin and his friends, an immensely overweight Sudeep and Yash, go out to have fun. But on the highway an accident takes place  and Navin gets dead.

Thereafter, Navin wakes up in heaven and to his horror comes to know that it was an error of their clerical team which had sent him in the heaven before time. Actually, the person who was destined to be in heaven was fat Sudeep with his cholesterol on overdrive! Knowing this, Navin creates a scene in the overcrowded waiting room of heaven and he asks them that he should be sent on the earth, where his loved ones lived.

Thus, this movie is about how Navin gets back to earth and thereafter how he has to persuade Nandini all over again in disguising himself as someone else.

Thus it is a pleasant take on love, life, romance and the special accident of death.


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