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Filmistaan Plot

Sunny Arora (Sharib Hashmi) is one ambitious assistant director, who dreams of making it big as an actor in Bollywood. Once, on a trip to a remote area in Rajasthan with some American media people, he loses his way in the wilderness and is captured by Islamic terrorists. He is brought to Pakistan, where he is held captive in a local village.

He is closely monitored by two terrorists Mehmood (Kumud Mishra) and Jawwad (Gopal Datt). Though he is unable to believe that he has been kidnapped and confined in a mud brick house, soon he is calmed down and comes into terms with the situation.

Soon, Aftaab (Innamulhaq), the bread earner of the house comes back from the city, who happens to be a pirated DVD dealer of Bollywood films. No sooner he meets him, he is glad to know that he is an assistant film director in Bollywood. They share their love for Indian films and actors every time they interact. Also, Sunny builds cordial relations with the local villagers, especially the children through his mimicry and acting.

At the same time when the two terrorists are well aware that he may again attempt to escape, he is planning to exactly do the same. When he builds a good rapport with the villagers, he also faces the threat of getting killed any time by the terrorists.


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