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Firangi Plot

Manga (Kapil Sharma) is an uneducated and unemployed villager who is born with a unique ability to cure anyone's backache with a simple kick. His only dream is to get a job in the British police force. However, even after making several attempts, he fails to get the job. Once, while attending his friend's wedding, Manga meets Sargi (Ishita Dutta) and falls in love with her. With a sudden twist in the tale, one fine day, Manga manages to cure British officer Mark Daniel (Edward Sonnenblick) of his backache using his same special power. Edward gets impressed by Manga's this act and offers a job to him in the British police force which Manga accepts with open arms. However, the problem starts when Daniel illegally gets hold on the land of Sargi's village with the help of the local king, to set up a liquor factory over there after demolishing each and every house. Manga moves heaven and earth and finally saves the village from the clutches of Daniel.


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