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For Real Plot

A girl's willpower to keep her family together; when the all-powerful adults are aimed to destroy it.
6-year old Shruti knows some secret which no one else knows. A stranger has come in position of her mom and her actual mother has been sent to the Orion Galaxy. While the alien's looks are like her mom on the external part, Shruti knows she is entirely different from her dearly loved mom on the inside.
Shruti seeks assistance of her brother but he doesn't believe what she said to him about their mother. Her dad, at all the times, remains busy in job and is never available to her. Shruiti is not able to accept the Alien in her house and is anxious to be with her mom; eventualy the lonesome girl runs away.
Thereafter follows is a girl's way to finding her actual mother, a man's fight to save his family and a woman's expedition to finding herself.


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