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From Sydney With Love Plot

It was a dream coming true for Meghaa Banerjee, a small town girl in West Bengal, India when she earned a scholarship from the prestigious University of New South Wales in Australia to pursue her Masters degree in Economics. Coming from a conservative middle class background, life and culture in Sydney was an instant eye opener for her. Under guidance of her caring cousin Kalpana fondly called " Kol ", Meghaa slowly embraces Sydney where she not only makes new set of friends but also adapts to her new life here. Love and romance was something that was strictly not in her agenda of things. However being young at heart it was just something waiting to happen to her when she met Rohit a fellow student in the University with whom she starts gelling right from the word go. It's love, romance and lots of fun until a fateful day where she must choose between her two worlds. Can her two worlds ever meet? Is there a "happily ever after" in store for her? Find out more in this quirky, emotional and endearing love story spanning


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