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Gadar 1947 Ikk Vichhoda

Gadar 1947 Ikk Vichhoda

16 Feb, 2024


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Set against the backdrop of the partition of India and Pakistan, "Gadar 1947 Ikk Vichhoda" weaves a poignant tale of love and separation. Amidst the chaos of thousands being torn apart, we follow the journey of Som and Noora-a love story entangled in the web of religious divisions. As the narrative unfolds, we grapple with profound questions: Will Som defy tradition and change his religion for Noora`s sake? Can their love bridge the chasm created by partition? Or will their story remain a bitte...

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Director : Kamal Dravid

Star : Lankesh Kamal , Gurnam Sidhu, Love Kaur

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