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Gali Gali Chor Hai Plot

Meet Bharat, the common man or say Aam Aadmi who is a part time cashier as well as part time "Hanuman" at Ramleela. He resides in the city of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. There his daddy Shivnarayan and he live together. His daddy Shivnarayan is an old timer. In his eyes freedom has utmost values and regards and he wants a nation which would be free from corruption.  He desires this nation to see corruption free administration. The marriage of Bharat takes place with Nisha who is a teacher in a school. Nisha is a caring and loving wife but doubting wife worried more about the promotion of Bharat and thus he is made manager from cashier at the bank than some of his flying tricks at the 'Ramleela'. The little and happy family stays with an enforced guest Amita. She is a young, gorgeous lady who does work at a call center; she forgets her Identity Card at house and likes to catch a travel with Bharat on his scooter when he is not full of activity escorting his wife at her school. Did I not remember to mention that he drives a Scooter which is the assistant of this film?

It is the desire of Bharat to promote away from his role as 'Hanuman' to 'Lord Ram' on some day. Presently this role is being played by Sattu Thripati who is the younger brother of MLA Manku Thripati. They both have personal problems with him. Sattu who is not a good actor is every time sad that 'Hanuman' takes away all the credit of the show with his finest performance and Manku the MLA is sad over the denial of Bharat to let out his additional room to campaigning for his re-election. Moreover, to add sugar on Spice is the actuality that the daddy of Bharat ShivNarayan makes friends with the opposing candidate Mohanlal and lets out the room to him for his operation.

Hawaldar Parshuram Khushwaah, on one night comes knocking on the door of Bharat and he informs him about the theft of a Table-fan from which occurred in his household. Hawaldar Parshuram Khushwaah thereafter orders Bharat to come at the small court where local panwala Bacchu Gulkand, would be present as a witness to admit about skilled thief Chunnu Farishta's, real acknowledgment about stealing the fan from his house much to the reluctance of Bharat. At the court, firstly the witness is unable to be present at the court so due to this the judge goes on a disproportionately holiday and Bharat needs to employ a lawyer which is suggested to him by Chunnu and who is recommended by Hawaldar Parshuram Khushwaah. However, in some way Bharat manages to achieve success to bribe his way from the police to the villains, from the lawyer to the witness and to end with the judge to acquire his fan back.

However, at present the genuine act starts for Bharat from here onwards, the normal fan of everyday usage meant to give cool air on summer time, turns his life into a figurative observation aimed at the system by making this part time cashier gash hanuman into the frontage page national news which you can get to hear from lane to lane crammed with thieves.

How? Let us discover Out India.


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