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Gattu Plot

What is the film about 'Truth with victory in the end is the slogan of the local school in the division of town where the film protagonist Gattu resides? However, Gattu is very poor hence it is a very difficult task for him to attend to classes and he is not everytime even that much truthful. Gattu lives and works very hard at a scrap yard which belongs to a person whom he calls 'uncle'. This Uncle of him had bought him many years back from his original father who was severely ill at that time. Gattu is predominantly creative when it comes to making up some excuses so that he could slip away and involve his obsession for kite-flying. Day after day the children love to battle against each other with their kites. They have given the name Kali to one unexplained black kite which always dominated the sky; bizarrely, no one seemed to find out who owned that kite. If Gattu wants to come first in the subsequent war he shall have to climb to the uppermost place in town. And that place is none other than the school roof, of all places. Gattu somehow succeeds in creeping inside where he presumes authority of a small but determined collection of pupils. A spectacular encounter of the skies ensues throughout which Gattu uses all the tricks in the book to declare the lead. But his utmost accomplishment is when, encouraged by his friendship with his new-found friends, he plans to speak the truth.


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