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Ghost Plot

In the City Hospital there occurs a chain of blood curdling spine chilling murders. A gorgeous and stunning young recruited Dr. Suhani (Sayali Bhagat) faces many uncanny and horrible happenings at the hospital. Dr. Suhani is shocked by the grotesque power that sweeps out of the night which causes a track of ghastly killings. What or who was behind all these strange killings and murders remain puzzle for all! The killer applies a unique line of attack, due to which the strange killer leaves no trails behind him. Thus, he defies all human intellectual capacities.
Ultimately, this strange case is entrusted with a leading investigating agency, which is assigned it to their very efficient and skilled officer Vijay Singh (Shiney Ahuja). Vijay is an elegant and romantic young detective. He moves on very wisely to collect information about the strange murders and mysterious killings. The person whom he questions at first is none other than Dr.Suhani. But as an outcome of it is what everyone can see is the immediate chemistry developing between both of them.
The criminal moves on again and people witness more and more brutal and horrible murders. Success is too difficult for Vijay to achieve but he gets fervently occupied in the case considering it as his personal battle against the assassin.
Thereafter follows some exciting path of love, conspiracy, obsession, dishonesty, vengeance and nerve wrecking deceitfulness.
To end with, God proposes and evil disposes.
An elegy to the lovers of horror, here is a genuinely real story which one is vicious and gory. The film has been portrayed as the scariest encounters between good and the devil, which the cine goers would experience for the 1st time in Bollywood or Indian Cinema, the most threatening and atrocious butchering. There are complete scenes that one would experience and watch clearly in the dream of one and ideal examples are the murder sequences in the motion picture which are a genuine fright. Stab and blood are the things to see in this horror film. The story is straightforward but attractive.


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