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Gumshuda Plot

Anisha is a gorgeous young woman in her thirties who is flabbergasted to know that someone was sending her a series of diamonds by courier. Her dad, Captain Mehta, had vanished some years back and the letter associated with the diamonds indicates that there was some link between her dad and the diamonds…
The diamonds show the way the fearless Anisha, a night club singer by occupation, to the personal private detective, Prashant Saigal and his associate, Dr. Arvind Rao: a criminological professional with an eye for the fine-looking things in life!
The trio of Prashant, Arvind and Anisha arrive at the house of the person who was sending her the diamonds, namely, the very stylish Goutam Dutt. He tells them the fascinating story of the Agra wealth, a gathering of highly priced gems that had its foundation some 150 years back and which had vanished almost 40 years back…
The hunt for the treasure and for the fact behind Captain Mehta's demise guides the trio to Shillong, to the house built by Colonel Dutt, the dad of Goutam Dutt. The colonel had met death in a bizarre convulsion of fear upon seeing a wild face at the window…
Saigal and Arvind lurch upon a series of killings including that of Siddharth Dutt, Goutam Dutt's brother, cruelly annihilated by a poisonous flit – the most recent in a series of murders that began with the slaughtering of the merchant Achmet, at Agra, some 40 years ago… It was Achmet who had been handed over with the Agra treasure by the Maharaja of Sitamgarh.
Prashant, who has an immense liking for single malt whiskeys, slowly unknots the mystery, aided by his own visions and ideas. His study, coupled by his own subconscious, directs him to the unexplained and spiteful Jalaluddin who is the major suspect in the Siddharth murder case. In the course of the quest, Anisha's ordeal and qualms throw her close to the enchanting Arvind, who often has to face the rage of the short tempered Prashant.
Winding along a path full of weird sulphurous fires and complex corridors, Prashant and Arvind employ in a cat and mouse amusement with the one legged Jalal. This ends in an amazingly complex chase on the Badapani River, a gigantic water body enclosed by mountains. The final disagreement between Prashant and Jalaluddin takes place on the high seas with the legendary treasure ever remaining shrouded in historical secrecy, even as a shaken Anisha tries to absorb the tinge of this dream like halt…


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