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Hadh Plot

Jackie Shroff is the son of an unwed mother. Jackie's father died before they could get married. Jackie was abandoned in his childhoob by his mother when she married again. Jackie is brought up by a smugler Arun Bali and Sharad Kapoor is also an orphan brought up by him. Sharad Kapoor and Jackie Shroff live like brothers. Arun appoints Jackie as his successor and Kiran Kumar, who is also a part of the gang does not approve of this. Kiran kills Arun and Jackie is implicated for the murder. Jackie is sentenced to life but released earlier due to 50 years of Indian independence. Jackie comes out of the jail and a gang war starts between Kiran Kumar and Jackie Shroff. Vikram Gokhale is the commisioner and goes for both of the gang leaders. Later Jackie discovers that Vikram is his step father.


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