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Hasee Toh Phasee Plot

Nikhil Bhardwaj (Siddharth Malhotra) is a young event planner, who is struggling to find his own way of life. Naughty and mischievous by nature, he often brings some complicated moments to his mother (Neena Kulkarni) and father (Sharat Saxena). His father and elder brother both work for civil services. Nikhil once goes to attend a family wedding without informing his parents and spots a gorgeous girl called Karishma Solanki (Adah Sharma). Karishma is a model, who desires to make it big by becoming an actress. Gradually, Nikhil and Karishma fall in love, but nerd Karishma keeps on threatening Nikhil about break-up over minor things. However, Nikhil used to always fulfill Karishma's wishes, as the bond of love is much strong from his side. Suddenly, Nikhil stumbles upon Karishma's sister Meeta (Parineeti Chopra), who is an intelligent chemical engineer but a weird persona. Meeta's family abandons her, as she steals a big amount of cash from her own home for her research project. This time, she returns to India from China after completing her Ph. D. Karishma decides to keep Meeta in a guest house, but Nikhil takes Meeta to his own home, as he finds the guest house a dirty place. Nikhil's family members find Meeta a strange person to live with.

Nikhil and Meeta begin to spend much time with each other and Nikhil's helping nature attract Meeta towards him. Nikhil even makes Meeta gain the love of her family, especially her father to whom Meeta is very much attached to. One day, she confesses the love for him. Nikhil lost in love of Karishma denies Meeta's love by saying that there can't be anyone else in his life other than Karishma. The disagreements between Nikhil and Meeta compel Meeta to return to China. On the other side, Nikhil gets more and more tensed as his wedding day with Karishma comes nearer, as he starts developing some special feeling for Meeta. Finally, the wedding day arises and brings a big twist in the story.


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