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Haunted Plot

In the hazy mountains of Dalhousie stands the rambling Glen Manor. A palace with a surreptitious past; and a ghostly present! Screams that explode in the mid of the night and a ghost that would go away anyone who defies headless. Rehan has purchased the assets and has previously sold it additional. Money, he stands to drop millions save he can make the contract come through but to craft the contract he has to first deal with the spirit that has the dwelling in its clutch. As Rehan begins to uncover the sour history of the house a name comes into the open. A name with a image and the girl in the image is very good-looking. Her name is Meera and Rehan conjectures how could anyone fall in love with an image and name. Untill he finds out that the name and the image was the reason of the haunting.


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