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Heroine Plot

She was followed by the spotlight, she was loved by the camera; the paparazzi could not get enough of her… Mahi Arora was a 'Superstar'… She was a superstar in every sense of the word!

Mahi was fancy free, single and footloose! She was on top of her game! She was successful, famous and beautiful. She was also very-very rich and above all she was still young. In brief her case was a case of pure excellence.

This is what the world would have you believe about her. There is a saying that paradox exists in the darkness behind the limelight. But unluckily, the inner world of Mahi was in direct contrast to her external life. After all, uneasy lays the head that wears a crown. She was prone to deep mood swings, in fact secretly bipolar! She was unconfident, insecure and also lonely. The only source of Mahi's happiness was love, her insane, all persistent, all consuming love for the reigning superstar who had not quite committed to her.

On one hand where all her contemporaries were busy strategizing endorsements, career moves, 'alliances' and even marriages; she, heedless of her career was concentrated only on somehow getting her love requited and in her effort to do that starts a journey spiralling downwards. Her quest for such love begins taking her to terrible depths, yet always saving her only when she was at the edge. The story moves through different ill fated relationships and career roller coasters all the way to a point where she is compelled to put at stake everything she had.

Mahi's career, her sanity and her life all at a time go through a rotating twist.

Would she keep hold of her position as the No. 1 Heroine of her times? What about her true love? Was it ever going to be requited? Was she going to lose all that she cared for? Or was there any way through which she could save herself to come out as a true Heroine . . . of Life???

There are many more questions like these which can be answered by Mahi Arora herself.


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