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Hichki Plot

Naina Mathur (Rani Mukerji), who suffers from Tourette syndrome, wants to be a teacher. But opportunities evade her due to the issue of her unstoppable hiccups caused by Tourette syndrome. After failing to get a teacher's job for straight 5 years, she gets an opportunity to teach at the prestigious St. Notker's School. It's the same school where she had done her schooling from and after rejecting her application for five times, the school finally offers her the job. But Naina doesn't get the job because of her merits; she gets it because the school needed a teacher for a special batch of students. Apart from the brilliant students, the school had a special section of students that belong to a nearby slum and were admitted to the school to fill the government-prescribed quota for the underprivileged. These students are mischievous, notorious and never hesitate to cross the line even with their teachers. The rebellious students are treated as outsiders so they don't let any teacher stay for too long. They behave the same way with Naina as well. But Naina is not the one who gives up on things so easily. How she turns the fate of these students is what you see in the film.


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