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Hide & Seek Plot

Apporva Lakhia and Laxmi Singh have produced a film Hide & Seek under the banner Idiot Box and Moser Baer Entertainment Ltd. which is set to release this month. The director of the film is Shawn Arranha. It is really surprising fact that Apporva Lakhia is himself a director who has directed many films among which Ek Ajanabi of Amitabh Bachchan needs to be mentioned. It is really gracious of him that a film he too could have directed but gave the chance to Shawn Arranha.

Shawn Arranha worked as an assistant director for his first film SAATHIYA and this film is his debut film as independent director.

Hide and Seek is a suspense thriller based on the lives of 6 friends Om, Abhi, Jaideep, Imran, Gunita and Jyotika. Purab Kohli and Mrinalini Sharma are playing the role of two friends.

The six friends get together on a Christmas night and there they make a plan to play a game of Hide & Seek. They agree to that but they hardly had any idea what was going to happen further. They were kids at that time named as Om, Abhi, Jaideep, Imran, Gunita and Jyotika. But what happened on that day no one had thought. They were not knowing that the incident what would take place was going to follow them for whole life.

After that day they get involved in their daily routine. Their lives proceed but they could hardly forget that dreadful night which they had spent on that Christmas. It sticks into the mind of a few never to be wiped out whereas some try to bury it in their minds; never to recall it again.

But after twelve years their fate again brings them together and creates circumstances where they have to play the same game once again.

But it is not going to be the simple game for them. This time the game has approached to them in the disguise of death. They are going to die. They will do their best to save their lives. Will they succeed? How many of them will be able to save their lives? How many will get killed? And why!

You will see the best friends turning foes; betraying each other.

Actually the game of Hide & Seek is just going to begin. What had they done 12 years back? What is haunting them? Something happened that day which is suspense and you have to watch out for the reason.

What does the game want to convey message?

Their past is haunting them; they get trapped in a shopping mall and 6 persons who were known to be their best friends and who were ready to give their lives for each other are now going to take each other's lives. Why?

The casts of the film are Purab Kohli, Mrinalini Sharma, Arjan Bajwa, Sameer Kochhar, Prasad Barve, Ayaz Khan, Aruta Patki, Sweta Verma, Nutan Shinde, Mohit Dutta, Alok Batra, Pavail Gulati etc.

The suspense can be revealed only when the film releases.


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