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Hisss Plot

It is widely believed that if a man at any time disgraces, abuses, hurts or does not treat the cobra well they would be cast a lethal curse by the cobra goddess and they would have to go through a lifetime suffering of the horrifying and curse of death and being barren given to them by the snake woman. This fear leads them to believe that the only way that they can keep themselves and their families safe and the ladies fertile.
The natives of the Indus Valley, about approximately 4000 years ago, carved a figure of a shape shifting snake. The children in that area grew up listening to stories retold to them by their grandfathers which were told to them by their forefathers. Mostly, it was the story of an ancestor who waded his way from the edge of the world. When he came back he described a very horrific story about the snake goddess and her companion. It was believed that these half human and half cobra creatures lived in the depths of the jungles in awesome temples built with materials obscure, unknown and unexplained to the human beings. They usually inhabited the spice forests of the Malabar Coasts situated far away which were legendary.
This movie is about an American man named George who, in the year 2008, keeping in mind his bad intentions packs his high tech gear making his most memorable and difficult journey into the depths of the forest that is forbidden where he finds a very extraordinarily large, python sized cobra and gets hold of it when it was at its lowest whilst mating. He is anxiously waiting to conduct a test in his high-tech lab on the creature but he has very little knowledge of the disaster and dismay that is ready to attack him...


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