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Horn Ok Pleassss Plot

Hero number 1 Govinda and Ever Green Nana Patekar plays the central theme for "Horn Ok Pleassss", his own life's theme works only around 'love'. Well, to begin the fun and masti. Ever heard of a 'Crorepati' truck driver (Nana)? and. to double the fun, a truck driver who goes out of his way to spread and support his love for 'love'.What! To get things rolling, Ajay comes in the picture... A lover...with his love lost!!! And who else to help you in such difficult times than Govinda. Ajay's unplanned surprise meeting with Govinda. And seeking his help. Leads to a chain of unplanned but exhilarating surprises. The plot... Ajay loves Sia, the twin sister of Govinda's wife Ria.Exact look-alikes. But that's not where the problem and the fun ends. The twist is Govinda the saviour does not know this. And that's where begins a whole roller- coaster ride of hilarious sequences with more lovely-dovey characters joining in the fray. All the movie will make smile you and enjoy this with your pop corn.


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