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Hum Tum Aur Ghost Plot

Armaan and Gehna are enjoying their lives.  Yet there are some risks. For Armaan, the fashion photographer, elegant, charmer to the nucleus and appreciated by all in the region of him living only gets improved when he dates Gehna, a High silhouette style magazine editor. Life is great; a loving girlfriend, a job where his skill with the camera makes him the most sought photographer in the London fashion world!

Armaan has learnt that his unceasing sleeplessness is nevertheless not a purpose of any sleeping problem. The fact is that he perceives sound; voices that torment him; voices that are troubling him. More prominently voices that no one else can perceive sound! Life is fewer than picture perfect at the present!

While his friends feel sorry for with his troubles, his girlfriend Gehna is annoyed with his strange deeds. Put in to that her father always rebukes him for his affection for the bottle. No one appears to recognize his quandary. What riddles everybody is the truth that he talks to himself… or rather; he talks to public, who no one can see, merely because they don't exist. Soon, Armaan becomes conscious of his extraordinary skill to join with the spirits that haven't crossed over.

Prepared with a force to complete the needs of these spirits who pester him, Armaan sets out on a task to assist out three souls a kid, Ali, an elderly man, Mr. Kapoor and a youthful lady, Carol. In this consequent trip that follows Armaan finds out the lives of his three extraordinary friends and ends up annoying Gehna. Yet, Armaan is on a trip where he finds a lot about himself, his own life for the first occasion.


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