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Hum Tum Shabana Plot

When there are two guys and one girl in a film with love affair among them ….it appears like a simple enough love triangle , isn't that?
But it is not so!
This is what this film titled as Hum Tum Shabana proves. There is nothing straightforward about this crazy tale, particularly when their competition to persuade her lands them into a fanatical competition of epic proportions. In a little while, this fight to persuade the heroine converts into a frantic fight to lose the heroine!
With a comedy film maker like Sagar Ballary at the wheel and with a super-talented comedic stars (actors) and a crackling music score, this film would take you on the ride which you would not like to miss at any cost. Join this film in the theatres because its makers and the team take you on the mother of all rollercoaster rides in a humorous spectacular that would knock your socks off. In this period or say in this season, you need to get prepared for Fultoo Romance, Crazy Bhais, Rapchik Items and Dhamaal Comedy. So get ready to get on the joyride for the maddest comedy of this year!


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