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I am Kalam Plot

Regardless of being born into poor family, Chhotu an imaginative boy with a smiling character does not allow his bleak conditions beat him.  With the purpose of supporting his family, he takes up a job in a small road side food stall and works through out the day and after that he wakes up till late night and studies and reads books and increases his knowledge.  He dreams that one day he too would become an educated person and thus he would make his own fortune; from bad to good; from poor to rich. He thinks that he would get rid of poverty too after getting proper education.
On a burning humid day, Chhotu bumps into the local prince. The pauper is obsessed at the sight of the crunchy tie that the prince sports. He is straight away strained towards that. The prince eyes the beige, the pauper has tamed, and is right away enthralled. In this way an improbable friendship is thumped between both of them, which dare to challenge the severe class barriers of the village.
On a day, upon listening to a speech from Dr. Abdul Kalam, the former President of India, Chhotu swears to transform his future. He comes to know that just like him, even the ex President also had to suffer a lot and face great hardships when he was a child, but by the means of utter willpower, determination and hard work, he changed the destiny of his life as well as he changed the fortune of defence system of India.
From that day onwards, the innovative lad drops the name Chhotu-a tag used to distinctiveness innumerable labouring children throughout the country i.e. across India, and takes on the alias 'Kalam'.  Like the ex President, Chhotu takes an oath to become a hero someday. He is helped in his enormous mission by his faithful friend Prince Ranvijay.
'I am Kalam' is an inspirational story of a quick-witted journey of a poor child to make his not possible vision a reality.


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