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I am Singh Plot

This film contains the story of a young Sikh whose name is Ranveer Singh Sodi.
Ranveer Singh Sodi is a young, sure, optimistic, wise, brilliant and a very well settled man in India. The elder brothers of Ranveer are Balbir Singh and Bikram Singh who have acquired the citizenship of America. Their work is going on in a well manner and thus they are doing very well for themselves. They do the business of running restaurant in the United States of America. The parents of Ranveer go on a holiday to the United States because they want to meet their sons. Ranveer does not wish to go together with them because he is busy in attending the wedding ceremony of his friend in India. Thus we see that life is easy going for the family of Ranveer.
There comes a twist in the story and it takes swift turn when Ranveer gets a call from his mom. The life of Ranveer changes after that because he is informed that his brother Bikram was dead. He is also told that his daddy was injured seriously and worst of everything- his elder brother Balbir was missing. The reason of this is not known. Ranveer is shocked, dejected and he is in the state of dilemma and as a result of it, he has to leave for the United States.
Ranveer leaves for the United States. While he is on the way several types of thoughts start getting into his brain and he keeps on thinking what had happened and keeps making opinions in his mind about the happening but he does not come to any conclusion. He does not know what is going to happen with him in the United States and what is in store for him there. Ultimately Ranveer reaches the United States. There he tries to find out what in fact had happened to his family. But despite his efforts to find out the truth in the beginning, he does not reach to any conclusion, which means he is unable to find the right answers. To add it more, he gets confused and shocked with the circumstances, but something in him, keeps telling him that there was something wrong with his family and some strange truth had to come out. It was not what it appeared to be! It was something to the whole incident, which appeared on the face which was not the truth. The reality still remains a mystery to him. So he goes to meet Rizwan Haider who was a Pakistani but who had acquired American Citizenship. Rizwan Haider tells him what really had taken place on that day. He tells him that a few local miscreants had attacked the family of Ranveer and thereafter they had vanished. The attackers who had attacked his family were locals and they had the back up of the local police and people. After that Ranveer goes to meet the local Police in Chief but he does not want to be of assistance to him in any ways.
Now Ranveer realizes that he needs to fight that war on his own using his own power and brain. As luck would have it, he comes across one more local citizen, who happened to be a Sikh and his name was Fateh Singh. He happened to be a police officer in the LAPD. Fateh Singh introduces him to a woman. This woman is a Human Right Activist, Yoga Exponent and a very well-known Attorney, Amelia Whites.
Amelia Whites is a gorgeous American. She believes in fairness and justice in the proper American spirit. Amelia assures Ranveer her help and promises him to take his battle up to the powers that be and make sure that he would get justice at all costs.
Amelia fights her way through the local American System and the people who help her in her mission are none other than of Ranveer, Rizwan and Fateh Singh. However, as it happens always, in this course, Amelia and Ranveer build up a bonding which can be called more than friendship. Now they feel that the attack on the family of Ranveer was by done by the local ruffians and these ruffians were hand in glove with the local police chief.
Amelia fights tooth and nail to establish that each and every person in United States is equivalent and everyone should be given equal treatment. The battle of Amelia and Ranveer becomes stronger when they meet Sean Meyers, who was FBI agent. Sean Meyers too like Amelia believes in the spirit of fairness. Sean Meyers not only joins the battle, but he also makes it into a campaign, which is taken notice not only by the concerned departments and authorities, but also by the citizens of United States and they too want the guilty parties to be brought to the books.
The assault on the family of Ranveer becomes sensational issue and attracts media coverage nationwide. The wrongdoers run for cover, but with the help of the LAPD, Ranveer, Rizwan, Fateh Singh and Sean Meyers catch and offenders, who were on the run and who were attempting to pass across the border. Thereafter Ranveer gets united once again with his family and is obliged and indebted to Amelia Whites and Sean Meyers, who is the real spirits of America led from the front and fought the battle with him with heart and soul and got justice for Ranveer and his family. 
In this process, Ranveer had lost his younger brother Bikram, but now he had made some new and strong relations with Rizwan Haider, Fateh Singh, Sean Meyers and last but not the least Amelia Whites.
The story of the film deals with the bonding of dissimilar cast and cultures in the United States of America which is said to be the only nation on the globe, which is so multi-dimensional. Still everyone there is free to pursue his/her religion and cultures and to be treated equally. America has always set an example in equality and has taught the entire world what is equality.


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