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I Am Plot


OMAR is a movie that discloses the connection between the cops and Male sex workers to blackmail and ill-treat men who are gay. In India due to the ancient law shaped by the British which has been long leftover in UK homo-sexuality is considered as crime by law under article 377, while any guy caught in a homosexual involvement could be imprisoned for ever. This law is over and over again used by the cops to pester and extract cash from gay men.

OMAR narrates the tale of how because of terror of culture and law Gay men are very frequently blackmailed and are made frightened to do nothing about it. This motion picture is based on true life stories and events. It asks the law and a society where the worry should be speaking to the bottomless and mounting aggression in society but makes a decision to all up in arms in opposition to an expression of grown-up consensual love.


A Kashmiri Pandit lady has to terurn back to Kashmir after twenty years where she encounters her past. A past of losing faith and confidence in humankind. A past that saw 3 lakhs Kashmiri Hindus going away from Kashmir. From the time of the mid eighties Kashmir has witnessed the concluding mass departure of the Hindu population. MEGHA belongs to such minorities who are forgotten and have turned refugees in their own nation. This movie asks the meaning of liberty and "Kashmir for Kashmiri". While the motion picture does not reject or fail to notice the sheer size of the carnage committed by the armed forces and government over decades, it asks a theory of independence that would get rid of the minority community from its home state.


Brought up as an outsider in an all white little city in Europe, AFIA at last makes a decision to meet head-on the reality behind what was her real identity that is who she is. Her hunt brings her head to head with her dad , a glob jogging Indian man bounced by principles and customs and her half brother.

Afia, her dad and her brother find themselves ensnared in a circumstances, where accepting ones identity would lead to devastation of the other person. Afia is story about tags, taboo and concealment - breaking away from them means generating a fresh I AM.


ABHIMANYU is a tale of child abuse; about a survivor of child abuse who was inspired by the real tale of Harish Iyer and his effort to regain his own devastated individuality after eleven long period of ill-treatment.


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