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It's a Man's World Plot

"It's A Man's World" is a convincing story of the hopes and dreams of four boys, who have come from small town from every part of India to Mumbai in the chase of their single-minded goal, i.e. To become rich by making big money and that too really fast. They all had one thing common in them and that was their dollar-eyed counterpart in India's premier B-schools. And this is a golden key for Vishal. Vishal Rana, played by Mohsin Akhtar, is a successful entrepreneur; and like every entrepreneur he has a blueprint for wealth creation. He was not a business idol for every young and budding entrepreneur but his vision has plenty of takers. Shakti is a kind of dream boys of every girl in a small sleepy town in Punjab. his father's entire business gets drowned and his whole gets into bad situations of debts that is to be paid. He hopes that he could become a star on the basis of his chocolate boy looks so then he goes for a long trip to Bollywood. But hardly gets anywhere and then is caught into a casting couch scandal. He actually starts building a fan following but that is limited to a dance bar. And even his nearest opponent is also sex worker named Dimple. She is the only woman he can't help falling for despite of their constant wrangling. Mikhil is from Uttar Pradesh. He is in love with his childhood sweetheart and dreams of marrying her. But a sudden death of his father and that too from the hands of their land-grabbing relatives smashes his small and happy world. He seeks the help of an uncle in Mumbai to rebuild his future. He lands into a profession that could easily set him up for life and solve his entire money problem but is again let down by the same, and that also ruin the chances of marrying and living with his one and only love, Lali, happily ever after. Krish is very close to his mother. Krish's father assaults and beats her mother and this always made Krish feel uncomfortable about his father and have strengthened the bond with his mother. He wants to save her from such continuous brutality from his father, he find a way out from his house and runs to Mumbai in search of a life with lots of money and with a hope that he can help his mother to get rid from his father in the shortest possible time. He prospers speedily enough to plan his mother's journey to a new and happy beginning. Ranjit was eleven year-old when he left his house. He is from Bihar. He came Mumbai to work as a domestic help. But after years of abuse and violence from his pedophilic master, the boy then finds out another way of making a lot more money to send back home. For every one of them Vishal is a savior - in a slave-driving, whip-cracking, cruel sort of way. He is much like an aggressive manager that are over-ambitious and because of whom the corporate world breeds, and he willing to do anything to achieve his objective. He's prone to violent explosion and challenges others without any regrets. But the boys remain grateful to him, as he has groomed them tip to toe and transformed their small-town personas to an urban makeover and to achieve his goal of easy wealth. But everything changes when Aditi steps into Vishal's life. And so the story of life continues, the constant intertwining and unraveling world of Dreams, Hopes, Reality, the threads of our existence that are pulling together to shape the glorious embroidery of life. "It's a Man's World" is a story that presents the dreadful and shocking lives of male prostitutes merged with the humane and emotional side of the flesh trade.


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