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Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro Plot

Vinod and Sudhir two desperate photographers manage to start a studio of their own, but things beings to go wrong from the day it is launched. The guests invited to their inaugural function somehow end up making a beeline for their competitor next door who resorts to a smart trick or two. Vinod and Sudhir are something of born hunglers, fullof enthusaismbut short on wordly wisdom. Shobha, pushy editor of a scadal sheet caled Kabardar, ropes the two in for collecting photographic evidence against he city's highly successfully and manipulative builder, Tarneja. The builder owes much of his success to municipal comminssioner D'Mello who is rather wildly, merrily corrupt. The photographic duo, civic minded, are happy not only at getting an assignment but also at having a worhty cause to fight for. They purseu their quarry with a frenzy and the results are tumultous, hilarious and enlightening.After all "Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro" is a super comedy movie a ever green comedy.


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