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Jackpot Plot

The curtain opens up with a person's body sinking in the water and a briefcase named Jackpot floating on water, along with many unknown hands trying to get that briefcase. The camera shifts to another scene, which takes one to the recent past. A group of Goan youngsters come in the largest boat casino of Goa, Jackpot casino, which is open 24x7. These friends have a plan in their mind to play a con game in casino for snatching Rs 5 crore jackpot. All things go according to their plan, until the two con artists Maya (Sunny Leone) and Francis (Sachiin Joshi) enters the casino. Their entry changes the plan of these youngsters upside down and throws them in a mess. Very soon, the friends understand that they have been trapped in a reverse con game played upon them by he same people to whom the youth was trying it con. Maya is a very smart woman, who is very loyal to Francis and his gang. On the other hand, Francis is a laid-back Goan lad, who lives a lazy life. Due to some incidents in his life, Francis makes a plan to play a con game.

The casino manager, Boss (Naseeruddin Shah) is a man with scanty hair, weird appearance with a wild side to his personality. Albeit, he is aware of the entire plan, he is unable to do anything as he is very much smitten by the beauty of the woman with gun, Maya. At a point of time, the situation sees a drastic change and five friends from the group split up and they start suspecting each other. So, the money element makes them loyal enemies of each other clearing the path for further hurdles.


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