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Jai Ho Plot

An ex-army officer Jai Agnihotri (Salman Khan) believes one does not need to be in a uniform to serve the nation. Jai is a principled and brave man, who was suspended from army owing to not following high command orders. But, he shows his bravery by rescuing a group of children from criminals, when he leaves army. Post this, Jai lives the life of a common man and has strong anger towards social crimes and injustice. His family includes his mother (Nadira Babbar), sister (Tabu), her husband Rihan (Mahesh Thakur) and their kid Kabir (Naman Jain). The well-natured Jai helps the needy people in the society and believes that it's his duty. Once he helps a handicapped girl, who has lost both her hands to write her exam paper, he fights with the man, who hurts a beggar girl at traffic signal. He believes, rather than saying 'thank you' to the one, who have helped you, help three other people in need and tell them to help three more people. In this way, he commences a noble chain of assisting each other. People began approaching Jai for getting their matters solved. In all these events, Jai calls for multiple enemies for himself and his family. Once, Jai stumbles upon his gorgeous, young neighbor (Daisy Shah) and they fall in love.

Unknowingly, Jai invites the wrath of one of the most influential local politician Dashrath Singh (Danny Denzongpa) with his attempts towards betterment of the society. Now, the ultimate aim of Dashrath Singh is to destroy Jai along with his entire family and Singh starts targeting Jai's family members. First he plans an accident of Jai's mother, where a truck hits her in the market. This incident provokes Jai to gather all his guts and attack back on the enemies and the game changes.


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