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Jal Plot

Bakka (Purab Kohli) is the water diviner in a remote village in a Kutch village. Bakka lives a happy life in the village with his close friend (Ravi Gossain) and enjoys doing his work. The villagers trust Bakka, but are also skeptical of his claims about the location of water. On the other hand, when Kajri (Tannishtha Chatterjee) likes Bakka, he is in love with Kesar (Kirti Kulhari) the daughter of the chief of the rival village.

One day, a visiting European researcher Kim (Saidah Jules) who is assisted by the local tour guide (Yashpal Sharma) discovers that the local flamingo chicks are dying because of increased water salinity. Now she, with the help of Bakka, the local villagers and the government fixes the problem. Because of Bakka's great help, he soon becomes popular amongst the villagers and also marries Kesar. This gets him to lock horns with a vicious resident of the rival village (Mukul Dev), who already hates him.

However, now the villagers want him to ask the researchers and the government to help them find water for the village. Now this is where trouble begins and things seem to be impossible. On the other hand, his enemy wants to see him destroyed. The further tale shows whether Bakka be able to help the villagers and of course, himself or not.


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