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Jazbaa Plot

Ace lawyer Anuradha Varma (Aishwarya Rai), a single mother, lives a perfect life with her pre-teen daughter, managing work and home like any modern day woman. Until one day, when her daughter gets kidnapped and the abductor demands no ransom, but puts forth a deal instead. The abductor wants Anuradha to fight a case of a rapist and murderer, and set him free, and in exchange, offers to release her daughter. Anuradha is left with no choice but to take up the case of the convicted criminal (Chandan Roy Sanyal). Her childhood friend Yohan (Irrfan Khan) helps her in the whole scenario. Yohan is a decorated but suspended cop who has been held for corruption charges. Yohan's heart beats for Anuradha but chooses to be tight lipped about the same.The plot unfolds as Anuradha and Yohan carry out the investigation of the case. While doing so, they meet the victim's mother (Shabana Azmi). Will Anuradha be able to solve the puzzling case and save her daughter? The answer lies in the hard hitting climax.


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