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Jeet Lengey Jahaan Plot

Parents grow up their kids upto 18 years with a dream to make them Doctor/engineer and educate them accordingly with all their possible efforts and difficulties, but, Kids when grow young tell their decision in 18 days of college life that they want to become an actor/singer or whatever their friends suggest for them. After rebel against parents they choose careers for them of their own choice but after some time they find themselves unsatisfied with the same career. Subsequently they gets into depression and take serious step like committing suicide or addiction of drugs!

Jeet Lengey Jahaan is story of such three youngesters who meet at a point of time when all three are frustrated with their career and life. But they decide to choose an alternate career for them rather getting into depression.When everything get settled in their life they found themselves helpless against our corrupt system and judiciary and decide to challenge system with their own way.

Will they be succeed to change the system on their own ways?

Will all those three 'Jeet Lengey Jahaan' ?

!!!...The movie revolves around...!!!


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