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Jo Hum Chahein Plot

This is a coming of age story of Neha Kapoor and Rohan Bhatia who are 2 young, hip, fizzy individuals. Their lives alter everlastingly when they see each other and start loving each other madly. Rohan is an impetuous, overconfident, go-getting, 24 year old MBA graduate. He wishes to get success immediately and he can do anything to turn his ambition true!

Rohan goes to Mumbai to follow a career as a stockbroker. In Mumbai, he meets Neha who is no nonsense, strong headed girl. Her reason for coming to Mumbai is again like Rohan, to follow her dreams. She wants to become a film actress; a successful heroine! She is the type of girl who believes in love, but she has not given any boy or a man any chance because no one measures up to her standards of Mr. Right. That is until Rohan comes into her life and alters her life totally.

Now both of them have dissimilar wants, wishes, needs desires and quests. However, both of them manage to come together and go on a trip that intertwines their private and professional lives where they touch the heights of their love, loss, misery, longing, disloyalty and salvation. This is all about Jo Hum Chahein!


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