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Jodi Breakers Plot

'Jodi Breakers' is a mischievous entertainer which takes a peek a boo into dysfunctional romantic relationships which ultimately leads to break ups. This film has been paired with the lively and thrilling actors such as Bipasha and Madhavan together for the 1st time; the movie also stars Deepanita Sharma and Milind Soman along with the all time mischievous Omi Vaidya and ever delightful Helen. The motion picture has been shot in the scenic locations of Goa and Greece together with a substantial hunk on sets in Mumbai.
Sid ( R. Madhavan ) is a specialist of break ups. He has been helping wronged parties out of bad relationships. He gives suriety of a fast, un cumbersome, ultimate freedom to his clients. An opportunity encounters with the sharp Sonali (Bipasha Basu ) who takes his 'business' to new heights. Both go on board on a journey which takes them through shocking, comical cases that they solve with some humor and some bases untill love grows between them. Thereafter many unexpected twists and turns take place in a case and they turn their world upside down. Sid has got a lot of explanations to do but very less time to course correct. The ' Jodi  breakers' have to change as  'Jodi makers' this time.


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