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John Day Plot

An upright bank manager John Day (Naseeruddin Shah) gets mentally fluttered due to his beloved teenage daughter's sudden death in an accident. Post this incident, John's wife Maria (Shernaz Patel) falls prey to a brutal physical attack, thereby making her a coma patient. The consecutive tragedies makes John to forget the thin line between being gentle and being a beast. John leaves no stone unturned to seek revenge of his daughter's murderers and one day, during a robbery in his own bank, he notices a file that can make him reach close to the perpetrators. At the same time, a vicious former police officer called Gautam (Randeep Hooda), who works for an underworld kingpin, is also on a powerful hunt for the same file. The file holds a strong significance for John and Gautam, although in different contexts and this operation drives the entire film on its shoulders.


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