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Jungle Plot

Sandalwood smuggler, Veerappan, the film has a romantic tale knit around it. Fardeen Khan and Urmila Matondkar are on a holiday trip, travelling in a bus. Urmila is with her family. All of the passengers in the bus, except Fardeen are hijacked by the jungle inhabiting smuggler. He holds them as hostages and demands the release of his men who are in police custody in exchange of the life of the passengers. He also threatens to kill one hostage every day. When the police relent, the smuggler frees all the hostages, except for one, Urmila. The boyfriend, Fardeen, tense and dejected by what he thinks is police in-action, follows a local into the jungle to look after Urmila. Fardeen finds Urmila and fless her from the smuggler, but the two get lost in the jungle and are unable to find their way out. The smuggler is out for the two lovers, and the police is on the trail of the smuggler. Eventually the smugglers fall prey to the bullets of the police and the lovers kill the smuggler. Teh chief of the police task force, Sunil Shetty, sacrifices his life to save Fardeen and Urmila.


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