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Kaanchi Plot

A heaven on earth, Koshampa is a cheerful land full of cheerful people. In the peaceful valley stays a tornado in the name of Kaanchi (Mishti), all wild, outspoken and outrageous. No control and no fear, Kaanchi is only fallen weak by her love Binda (Kartik Aaryan). With everything going good in the valley, here comes the shadow of the doom with the face of minister Kakkad (Mithun Chakraborty) and his tycoon brother B.L. Kakkad (Rishi Kapoor), to build a concrete jungle on this heaven. In the mean, the minister's son meets Kaanchi and eventually loses his heart to her beauty. Trying all means to get her by his side, the brat finally plucks out the thorn out of his way, Binda. All drenched in blood and love of her beloved soul mate, Kaanchi swears to destroy the whole Kakkad dynasty and thus lands in to the Lanka o Demons, Mumbai for vengeance.


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