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Karle Pyaar Karle Plot

Kabir (Shiv Darshan) is a very energetic, but unruly and undisciplined young man. All he knows is that he should be living his life with fun and a careless attitude. Because of his recklessness, his family has to move from city to city to save face. Now finally when his family comes to Lavasa, he is back to business, when he changes all the traffic signals to green, rides rashly and evades arrest. During his detention, he comes across a very charming girl who makes him immediately fall in love.

Later he meets this girl, named Preet (Hasleen Kaur) but in a very unconventionally naughty way. Both of them have a bet placed, which doesn't end well. Unfortunately, he is challenged to a fight by Jass Gurji (Aham Sharma) the arrogant son of a very dangerous and rich criminal and the boyfriend of Preet.

This leads to a fight of ego between the two, where Kabir will not only have to survive the fight but also get his girl.


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