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Karobaar Plot

Rishi Kapoor and Juhi Chawla is a student. They both fall in love with each other. After his final examinations, Rishi joins with his old school friend, Anil Kapoor, who is a business tycon and works from him in his company. Anil is a flamboyant and when he sees Juhi, he tries to seduce her with his wealth but he does not succeed. Rishi and Juhi get married. Rishi leaves Anil and joins Navin Nischol. Rishi is injured in an accident and requires 5 lacks of rupees for the operation to save his life. Juhi goes to Anil and accepts the indecent proposal of Juhi staying one night with Anil for 5 lack of rupees. Seeing the love of Juhi for Rishi, he does not take the advantage of her and gives her the money. But Rishi suspects and throws her out of the house when she is pregnant. Anil gives her shelter and brings up the son.


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