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Kashmakash Plot

This is a era movie set in the 1920s, which is based on a short story penned by the great author and noble prize winner writer Rabindranath Tagore.

A loving romance is blooming in Kolkata between two students of law, Ramesh and the girl is the sister of one of his friends whose name is Hemnalini. He is dashed all of a sudden when his daddy sends a pressing and puzzling command from his village home and calls him urgently. Thereafter, the obedient and dutiful son is peremptorily commanded to get married to a girl named Susheela who was the daughter of an unfortunate widow.

Ramesh denies marrying her. He explains and admits the fact that his spirit and soul now belonged to some one else. But the prayer of the widow makes his heart softer at the end. And he gives up, although with a grave heart and sad mind. The marriage ceremony takes place with outstanding ritual; and he sets out with his wife on a river boat expedition towards his destination - Kolkata.

In a little while a violent storm arises; the boat hurls powerlessly and ultimately turns over in the stirring up waters. Thereafter, that night, Ramesh get back to his senses on abandoned seashore under a starlit sky. At a distance from him, he sees the lifeless form of a young bride. Her pulse was still beating, and in reply to his tone calling 'Susheela' the bride unlocks her eyes after a long wait.

There was no one else in that place whether any living being or dead. Thereafter the two people move off and by a train to they depart for Kolkata. Meanwhile, the bride wonders why they were not moving towards to Kashi, but she does not question his decision to any extent.

On the other hand Hemnalini, his true love, is unaware of all these happenings. Ramesh had gone missing from the evening  when she had celebrated her birthday party. They had come to know of his speedy exit from the metropolis, but nothing moreover. Though she pines privately, she is convinced that he would get back soon.

Back in Ramesh's novel house in Kolkata, the proof of mistaken identity slowly comes to light. She is Kamala not Susheela. Her husband was  Nalinaksha Chatterjee  who was by a prefessiona  doctor. Ramesh gives an advertisement to find out his location; but he does not have the kindness to break this news to the powerless trusting young girl in his concern. Instead of that he admits her into a boarding school. But in a little while, Hemnalini's would be suitor Akshay discovers about the Ramesh's secret and brings proof positive to Hemnalini. Ramesh, not capable to handle such a disgrace, goes to hide in Gorakhpur with Kamala.

A overwhelmed Hemnalini is brought to Kashi by her daddy to lend a hand so that she could forget her misfortunes. There she confronts Nalinaksha and they warm up to each other.

Kamala in the in the meantime, after coming across the advertisement published in an that old paper, understands the vastness of the lie she has been living, and goes out strong-minded to die in the river by getting drowned. Ramesh comes back and discovers her suicide note, hunts her at all places but he gets no positive result. He does not know that she was set free by a courtesan and set down in Kashi under the care of the mother of Nalinaksha. Kamala, at the moment, sees her true husband for the first time, but could not say this; for he is engaged to Hemnalini.

At last, the advertisement which she had kept in her sari knotted is found out, and the complete truth comes to light. Ramesh at the end of the day traces Nalinaksha and goes at his home.

The entire sorry confusion raises many queries of head and heart and the soundness or otherwise of social principles. We are left speculating whether real love will at last triumph.


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